The Wilderness Survival Guide: The Practical Skills You Need for the Great Outdoors

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A realistic approach to survival training and bushcraft from one of the country’s top survival skills teachers — learn the techniques and confidence to fend for yourself in any situation


You’re hiking in the wilderness with a backpack full of gear and a phone to summon help, should you need it. But if you can’t get a signal and you lose your pack … what then?

In challenging situations, a survival mindset – including being prepared, having confidence in your own abilities and being adaptable – can be just as much of a life-saver as the most expensive bits of equipment. Add to this Joe O’Leary’s sound advice and knowledge of survival and bushcraft techniques, with some practical experience, and you will have the confidence to tackle whatever comes your way.
Written in clear, easy-to-follow text, The Wilderness Survival Guide focuses on the realities of using wilderness survival techniques not just in a genuine “survival situation” but also to enhance any outdoor experience, from a hike in the country to camping in the wild.

Read this book and you’ll learn how to:

  • Use bushcraft tools to build a shelter and improvise equipment
  • Light a warming fi re (and keep it lit) in bad conditions
  • Find safe water to drink
  • Hunt and forage for wild food – and cook what you catch or find

Full of tried and tested techniques and firsthand experience, it will open your eyes to the resources that surround you in the wilderness. It could also save your life!

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