The New Materia Medica Volume III

All-new Key Remedies for the Future of Homeopathy

An indispensable follow-up to Colin Griffith’s authoritative and unrivalled The New Materia Medica Volumes I and II that details information on 36 new remedies.



This is the most comprehensive source book available on 36 new fundamental homeopathic remedies that are aligned to the needs of our times and tested by the highly respected Colin Griffiths. The remedies included are unique, extremely varied and help with everything from EMF and poor nutrition to vaccine damage and use of toxic chemicals.

The opening chapter explains how astrology can be employed to reveal hidden depths of difficult cases in relation to the 36 remedies, something that is not available in any other volume on homoeopathy. The second part is a detailed description of the 36 remedies – from Juniper Officinalis and Black Tourmaline to Phantom Quartz and Tormentil – covering:

  • historical and traditional medical background
  • general symptoms
  • mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms
  • physical symptoms
  • considerations for the use of the remedy
  • esoteric therapeutics
  • case studies that show clinical evidence of efficacy

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