The Extraterrestrial Oracle

52 Divination Cards to Channel the Wisdom of the Aliens


The first extraterrestrial-themed card deck by the one-and-only Uri Geller, famous around the world for his paranormal abilities. 52 divination cards enable users to connect with aliens, answer any question and develop their psychic powers.


Coming 8th October 2024.



From the recent NASA UFO probe to Avi Loeb, the Harvard scientist who says he’s found proof that aliens exist, extraterrestrials are a huge talking point right now. Uri Geller’s Extraterrestrial Oracle is a unique guide to connecting to the energy and wisdom of these incredible beings, empowering you to receive their assistance and guidance.

The cards will help you to use the power of your mind to connect with them, hone your psychic powers and unlock your submerged potential. Whether you’re looking for a fun gift for a friend or a tool to further your spiritual journey, these cards will amaze you through the insights they bring!

The 52 cards – one for every week of the year – draw on ancient traditions such as Kabbalah, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zener and Tarot, as well as science, numerology, astrology, mythology and symbology. Each card has a powerful symbol or image to meditate on as often as you wish, a poignant theme to focus on, an insightful personal message to draw from, and a practical exercise to try – all of which will help you nurture your paranormal abilities and become more of a guiding light in our world.

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