The Big Book of Cocktails

SKU: 9781848994027

This is the ultimate guide to cocktail making, with practical, professional advice from cocktail expert Brian Lucas.


The ultimate cocktail-making book!

From timeless classics like the Old-fashioned to inventive new creations such as Grape Escape, this book shows how to create perfectly balanced and delicious drinks for any taste or palate.

  • Cocktails for every mood or occasion – whether that’s delectably sweet, sharp and zingy, smooth and creamy or subtle and sophisticated.
  • The very best of classics, modern twists on classics and innovative new mixes compiled by Brian Lucas, the creator of prestigious bars across the globe.
  • With guidance on the correct glasses to use and essential techniques such as infusing, garnishing, twisting, salting, layering, straining, shaking and stirring, you can hone your repertoire to perfection.
  • Intuitive icons make it easy to select cocktails based on strength, while reference lists provide suggestions for any preference.

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