Reclaim Your Time Off

The 3 Step Solution to Overworking

A practical toolkit for thriving in the modern working environment, by a popular wellness entrepreneur and business coach.


Multi-hyphen careers and remote working have now become the norm in working culture. Does “flexible working” mean “always working”? What does work–life balance actually look like? This book offers practical steps to managing remote and flexible work coexisting in the same space as life. Reclaim Your Time Off offers:

  • Fab’s unique 3-step solution: Simplify, Delegate, Automate.
  • Regular “Action Steps” and coaching activities to help you see and understand current patterns and reasons for overwhelm, and turn them around.
  • Practical strategies to learn how to rest and work smarter.

In the current working landscape, we work really hard. On average, over 60 hours per week.  “Burnout” is a ubiquitous buzzword. Being overly busy is a badge of honour. This book uncovers how “busyness” can impact negatively on creativity. We need to relearn the art of being bored. Down time is an essential part of productivity and a vital component in good health and wellbeing. This book shows us how to protect it.

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