Prayers of Manifestation

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A new self-healing method that involves the application of prayers to change and improve your life

Connecting with the divine source, asking through the heart and raising consciousness lead to a continuous and stable development of the spiritual self. This collection of inspiring prayers has been written to help the reader heal a specific problem through the power of spiritual growth. Through a sense of ‘earning’ the results of these connections the achievements become lasting improvements to our lives.

This practice will lead to the development of a multi-dimensional heart, giving us insight to make decisions in accordance with higher consciousness, resulting in an ability to master every life situation. And with this, you’ll find you can become a more passionate, more understanding, and a more tolerant, loving person.

About Ama*Ryjlla

Ama*Ryjlla is an internationally recognised healer, channel and spiritual teacher. Born in Turkey, of Armenian heritage, she immigrated with her parents to the USA in 1959. Ama*Ryjlla currently resides in Klosterneuburg, Austria, where she maintains a private teaching and healing practice. Her numerous clients come from across Europe. As the founder of ‘Metahologramme®’ she conducts workshops in Austria, where she teaches this useful and effective method, using geometrical forms and colours to clear deep-seated blockages. For further information about Ama*Ryjlla’s work, please see her website.

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