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‘A major work … an extraordinary tour de force, [this book] will materially help to bring both sides (science and paranormal studies) together in a way which could lead to real and important advances in our view of the universe’ – New Scientist

First published in 1978, Mysteries is the ground-breaking sequel to The Occult, continuing Colin Wilson’s investigations into the supernatural. Through his own cathartic experiences, Wilson came to realize that all of us are in fact manifold personalities – not a single self but rather a ladder of hierarchical selves. In Mysteries, he uses the concept of the ladder of selves to explain a wide range of paranormal phenomenon, from dowsing and demonic possession to precognition and spoon-bending.

Wilson’s analysis of the work of all the big names in 20th-century supra-rational research, from Margaret Murray to Carl Jung, is interspersed with hundreds of entertaining paranormal anecdotes and case studies taken from throughout history, including his own experiences of visions, of lucid dreaming and of dowsing at the Merry Maidens stone circle.

He offers an optimistic message to counteract our tendency towards pessimism and nihilism: while our lower, childish selves are lined to depression and anxiety, purposeful activity will always allow us to call on our higher selves and bring concentration, control and a sense of meaning into life.

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