I Am You Are

SKU: 9781780289472


This little inspirational reversible gift book provides an A-Z of uplifting single word affirmations for those moments when life doesn’t feel quite as good as it should.

Do you want to let someone else know how special you think they are? If so then this perfect little ‘pick me up’ book is just what you need.
The simple A – Z format provides inspiring and encouraging single words of wisdom. Little words with big meanings.
The words have been chosen to encourage self-love and acceptance, each one has been selected to be a friend and companion to help you to believe in who YOU ARE.
Experience each word, practice using it and believe.
You don’t need lots of words to express who you are, or how you feel, sometimes ONE is perfect.
Small, simple, powerful.
The I Am side of the book is an affirmation on our internal journey, who we are to ourselves, the You Are side is a statement of intention to the world on your external journey, how we would like the world to see us – they mirror each other in perfect symmetry – inner and outer meeting as one.

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