How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Practical Ways to Make a Real Difference

The ultimate guide to minimizing your impact on the environment, with hundreds of practical ways to help combat the climate crisis.



Turn over a green leaf in every aspect of your life with this comprehensive guide. Packed with practical, reliable and up-to-date advice about making achievable and sustainable changes, this book shows you can cut carbon by:

  • HEATING AND COOLING YOUR HOUSE INTUITIVELY by using a smart thermostat or plugging your chimney
  • MANAGING DEVICES AND ELECTRONICS by unplugging unused chargers or passing along your old phone
  • COOKING, WASHING AND CLEANING SMART by frying with small pans, defrosting the freezer regularly or washing your car with rainwater
  • GARDENING ACCORDING TO NATURE by participating in No Mow May or by creating your own green roof
  • SHOPPING AND TRAVELLING CONSCIOUSLY by becoming a “locavore” or supporting low carbon resorts
  • CHANGING FINANCIAL HABITS by investing in the future or buying services rather than products

Everywhere you look, there’s a way to help the planet. Whether it’s a simple change of habit or a forward-thinking home improvement project, you’ll find plenty of suggestions to improve your bank balance, your health and your eco-karma.

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