How to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room (especially when there is no cat)

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Jacob Burak is on a quest to answer the question “are we as human beings, who are separated by different cultures and experiences, similar or different?” Through the lens of behavioural studies, we see how, while our approaches differ and often conflict, we all strive for similar things: love, acceptance, power and understanding. How to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room offers the latest scientific studies of human behaviour alongside accessible anecdotes to examine the universal human experiences of comparing ourselves to others, the need to belong, the urge to achieve and the anxiety and uncertainty of life itself.

More importantly, Burak shows us how, in understanding these behavioural patterns, we learn that we are actually more alike than we are different; that our rivals often make us stronger; and that being trusting can help us live longer. With his inquisitive nature, logical thinking and engaging style, Burak examines whether it is destiny or personality that controls our lives, through intriguing subjects such as:

  • What are the ten rules for happiness that are entirely under our control?
  • Why do smart people make stupid mistakes?
  • What distinguishes bureaucrats and entrepreneurs?
  • What are the psychological differences between liberals and conservatives?
  • In what circumstances is it right to surrender our privacy?
  • Does it pay to trust people?

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