The Freemind Experience

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Let Tom Fortes Mayer lead you through the three pillars of absolute happiness 

Have you ever wondered what makes some people wake up one day and decide to do something that they know will transform their lives for ever? The principles and practices in The FreeMind Experience combine teachings from the world’s ancient wisdom traditions with the most effective rapid-behavior-change techniques to bring about life-altering epiphanies and lasting change. Hypnotherapist Tom Fortes-Mayer presents with great clarity, passion and playfulness three pillars upon which all lasting happiness and success can be built:

Pillar 1: how to bring more peace into your life by letting go of the limiting thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that are holding you back

Pillar 2: how to unleash your power and enormous potential by learning to relate to yourself, and life, in new, more helpful ways

Pillar 3: how to discover your purpose and really connect with everything that matters in life

Imagine yourself living fully and freely in the moment, utterly fulfilled and feeling vibrantly alive. This is the FreeMind Experience. This book puts a flame to the touch light of possibility inside us all.

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