Fish Can’t Climb Trees

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Have you ever wondered why:

  • You can’t manage to get any sense out of your spouse?
  • Tension remains in your team, despite your having tried everything?
  • Your son goes glassy eyed when you try to help with his school work?

Well, you are not alone. Even with the best of intentions, we can badly miscommunicate. We don’t really understand how to talk to each other, often with dire consequences at work, at home, at school, in community.

But, here is the secret of successful communication and effective learning: We are all wired differently! And fish can t climb trees.

In your hands is everything you need in order to improve your learning and help you communicate with anyone. The Mercury Mode(TM) reveals how each of us, at any age, handles information in our own way.

Use the Mercury Model to:

  • uncover & claim your possibly hidden but authentic mental strengths.
  • learn to converse with other people instead of just talking to yourself.
  • resolve tensions and heal difficult relationships.

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