Confidence Karma: How to Become Confident and Help Others Feel Great Too

Leading UK Psychologist Dr Gary Wood reveals his unique take on how to increase your own confidence by building up the confidence of those around you – as karma tells us, what goes around comes around.



Confidence Karma provides the ultimate guide to building lasting confidence at work, in your relationships and, in fact, in every aspect of your life. Using practical exercises, anecdotes and questionnaires, psychologist and life coach Dr Gary Wood provides you with realistic, practical and achievable strategies for change. Learn how to:


  • Influence your body language and project your voice to act confidently
  • Build on your existing strengths and skills, and work with what you already do well
  • Identify your goals and values, and learn to live in accordance with them
  • Develop strength and resilience so you can bounce back from temporary setbacks
  • Become more comfortable pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Stop selling yourself short and appreciate your value to others


Confidence Karma not only provides you with all the tools you need to increase your self-worth, it also encourages you to share the confidence. After all, confidence is a social practice – by working on your own, you can help boost other people’s, and so each chapter ends with a “karma call”, asking you to think about how you can apply your new knowledge and skills in making your colleagues, friends and family their most confident selves as well.

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