Big Impact Without Burnout

8 Energizing Strategies to Stop Struggling and Start Soaring


Global business leader and single mother of 4, Bianca Best, reveals the 8 powerful and transformative strategies for ambitious women to achieve success with integrity and joy. This is a plan for reaching for the stars and seizing them without burning out, through inner balance and magnificent outer shine.


Coming 11th March 2025




It can feel like an impossible, daunting and exhausting task to try and achieve your ambitions, especially when you have big dreams. With modern life convincing us that we must squeeze productivity from every second, it is not surprising that so many of us are burnt out.

Bianca Best, award-winning executive, single mother of four, and champion of female leadership in business, says no to hustle culture and the rise and grind mentality. This is her positive and empowering handbook with 8 essential strategies that lead away from manic busyness to graceful productivity:

  • The first part of the book encourages you to go within and create your personal energymindset, purpose and time strategies to build solid foundations to thrive.
  • The second part guides you to experience the expansion phenomenon by designing and unleashing powerful workconnection, wealth and fulfilment strategies.
  • Alongside practical steps and actionable mindset changes, Bianca shares advice from a range of influential business executives, CEOs and thought leaders, whilst including her first-hand experience coaching ambitious women into their magnificence.
  • 360-degree insight into the challenges that women face, in society, at home and in the workplace, this relatable book provides women with inspiring ways to rise and lead.

It’s about propelling your boldest work out into the world, building influence and respect, maximizing your income and value, all whilst feeling peaceful, purposeful, energized and invigorated. It’s about inner balance and outer shine.

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