365 Ways To Be Happy

SKU: 9781786783226

A unique collection of insightful tips and techniques ideally suited to reduce stress and point the way to inner peace. Whatever your situation, interest or mood or there’ll be something here that will lift your spirits above the everyday and ease you towards a more fulfilling life.


A miniature treasure trove of wisdom and insight, 365 Ways to Be Happy has everything you need as you embark on your road to enlightenment. A soothing blend of insights, affirmations and practical techniques, this is the perfect book to help your mind unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life and to embark on a spiritual journey to new inspiring horizons. Packed full of illustrations, 365 Ways to Be Happy offers an around-the-clock supply of peace of mind.

Life today is a swirl of stress, distraction and nonstop physical, mental and emotional exertion all set to the frantic, heart-pounding pace of the modern world. That’s why this book is such an indispensable companion. Neatly organized into universal themes that have perplexed and inspired humankind for centuries, readers can thumb their way through passage after profound passage on love, health, happiness, parenting and just about everything else under the sun.

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