Hooked: Why You Are Addicted and How to Break Free

Narrated by: Talitha Fosh, Anu Anand
Length: 5 hours 44 minutes

Written for millennials and Gen Z, this approachable guide reframes addiction and provides tools from psychotherapy to help the listener break harmful behaviour cycles.

You don’t need to be an addict to engage in destructive addictive behaviours.

Do you use social media to distract yourself from difficult emotions, or find yourself seeking a boost through shopping, relationships or drinking? Do you feel that you have habits that are holding you back, but you cant seem to break them?

You are not alone. This book is for anyone who struggles with addictive behaviour. In it, psychotherapist Tally Fosh sheds light on the true meaning of addiction and the subtle ways it can manifest itself without our awareness. She explores why we often seek external factors to change the way we feel internally, and provides practical tips and tools to help listeners break any self-destructive cycle they may find themselves in using easy steps.

Hooked breaks down the journey of addiction into four key pillars: discovery, types of addiction, lows and denial, and recovery. It includes practical tools, from expressive therapy to talking therapy, and case studies from real people. With applications of Tally’s principles to scenarios applicable to our modern lives and an inspirational foreword from model and mental health advocate Adwoa Aboah, this book is the perfect companion for your journey toward freedom from addictive habits.

©2024 Talitha Fosh (P)2024 Watkins Publishing

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