What is Happening at Watkins

This post was first written by John Tintera in May 2013.

For the last six months I have been immersed in what feels like the most important work of my life. It began in a sales meeting with our former owner and Publisher, Duncan Baird, when he introduced me and members of my sales organization to his line of books. As he passed samples from the twenty year history of the company around the room, a small, attractive hardcover called The Seer appeared. I was immediately drawn in. Of all the dozens of books on view, this one said, “read me.” I quietly ferreted it into my backpack.

A few weeks later as I was preparing for my first trip to London to meet the team at Duncan Baird Publishers / Watkins Publishing, I stuck the book into my carry-on luggage for the long flight. From the first page, I was drawn in.

The Seer is the story of Danish rockstar Lars Muhl’s healing from a mysterious illness by a Spanish distance healer, Calle de Montségur. After the healing, Muhl apprenticed himself to Calle and is introduced to the mysteries of the Cathars, the medieval gnostic sect that was heavily persecuted by the Roman Catholic church. The message of the book is that the age of male dominated religion is over. Muhl, who is something of a seer himself, was chosen by the Seer because of his prior studies in gnostic Christianity.

What I discovered in that first trip to London is that The Seer was just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden in plain sight at DBP/Watkins is a treasure trove of books all with a similar message: humanity is on the brink of a breathtaking leap forward.

The next book I found on my journey was New Revolutions for a Small Planet by Kingsley L. Dennis. Here was another book that sang out to me when I first discovered it in the book closet in the London office. I read parts of it on the flight home and when I got back I got in touch with the author. Dennis is a sociologist and futurist who studies the intersection between consciousness and technology. He believes that the leap forward is taking the form of a new way of living in the world. He calls it, “The birth of the empathic mind.”

Unearthing Venus

At the same time that I discovered Dennis, I started getting into a memoir to be published this Fall called Unearthing Venus by Cate Montana. Montana was a second wave feminist who got her start working in television production, first in newsrooms and eventually for big events like Monday Night Football (when it was just starting out) and presidential conventions. After her second marriage ended, she decided to take some time off. She moved into an abandoned farmhouse in the woods of northern Georgia and started a simple routine of repairing the house during the day and meditating at night. Her meditations were supercharged by incredible out-of-body experiences.

As her new life took hold, she realized that she could not go back to the testosterone-charged world of TV. For the ten years preceding the writing of Unearthing, Montana pursued a quest to understand the nature of the divine feminine. The quest took her across the globe, from an ayahuasca trip in Peru to the dedication of a temple to the Goddess in India. In the end, however, she came to realize that it is a balancing of the feminine and masculine forces that is needed to heal society, not the mere suppression of masculinity.

Not long after meeting Cate and Kingsley, I stumbled across what is perhaps the most groundbreaking book on our list: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. Based on the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, astrology, and the cutting edge science of epigenetics, The Gene Keys purportedly allows readers to alter the expression of genetic code. I realize that that sort of notion is “new age” to the extreme. However, what is truly amazing about this book is the fact that for the first time it allows you get in touch with and work on your own personal Shadows–the least desirable parts of your personality.

Despite its deeply esoteric underpinnings, the book is completely practical and easy to use. You simply go to Rudd’s website, punch in the date, time, and place of your birth (yes, that’s weird too, I know), and you will be given a chart that outlines your Shadows. You then read and meditate on the chapters in the book that correspond to your Shadows, which in turn helps you to unlock that gifts that are hidden within them. I’ve tried it and it works!

When I think about what I’ve read over the past six months and the conversations that I’ve had with Cate, Richard, Kingsley, and Lars, it seems obvious to me that we are truly are at the dawn of something fresh and new. Richard believes that the Gene Keys have been channeled through him by a higher power intent on lifting the Shadows currently holding humanity back. Lars and Cate both experienced out-of-body experiences and visions of near-future where women and men will live in greater harmony. Lars too is starting to talk about the collective Shadow hanging over humanity. Kingsley wrote a book called Meeting Monroe subsequent to New Revolutions about an encounter he had with an angel-like person who predicted the rise of a “Phoenix Generation” that will lead our planet out of its current crisis.

When I think about the last six months, it also occurs to me that my first meeting with the DBP crew came the week before the last week of the Mayan calendar. I flew home on December 14, 2012. From what I understand, the people in the know knew all along that the end of the calendar did not mean armageddon, but the end of an age and the start of something new. These recent and upcoming books from Watkins sure seem to be in agreement. But what do we call this new age? The new new age? That doesn’t seem to do it justice.