Wake Up and Soar by Chris Nelson

Our fundamental relationship is the one that we have with ourselves– master this and we master all else. Yet we live in a world where stress and chronic disease are spiraling out of control. Our greatest need today is to learn how to relax and this begins with the mind. Wake Up and SOAR presents a clear and simple road map, which empowers you to create a relaxed supportive lifestyle providing a stable base from which to pursue your heartfelt desires. The core tool SOAR has its roots in ancient9781780289144 wisdom and is expressed as a modern-day “practice” to help us move from our “normal” fear-based state of mind to our “natural” calm quality of mind. Using this tool we can learn to accept life as it is and flow with, rather than against, her.

Chris Nelson is a well being entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Ashiyana Retreat Village, which embraces a holistic and personalized approach to wellbeing. Chris has constantly evolved what is offered at Ashiyana and it is now a globally recognized teacher training centre as well as a sought-after destination for its Ayuvedic centre, its detox retreats and its “emotional healing journeys”.



PB 200 x 145mm
May 2016
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