The Secret American Destiny By Nicholas Hagger

The Secret American Des9781780289106tiny
By Nicholas Hagger
ISBN: 9781780289106
On-Sale: 11/15/2016
Prices: $19.95 US / $20.95 CAN
Format: Trade Paperback

In this final work of his “American Trilogy,” Nicholas Hagger focuses on America’s secret destiny to create a Unified World State, and on the world’s divided culture that impedes its creation.

Throughout the world today there are conflicting and entrenched metaphysical and secular approaches that permeate all its main disciplines, including history, philosophy and science, literature and comparative religion. In each discipline there is a tussle between the traditional religious view, which is supported by 4.6 billion of the world’s 7.3 billion population that follow a religion, and the secular and social approach associated with humanism and the scientific reductionism of Hawking and Dawkins, which sees the universe as a random accident.

Hagger argues that it is America’s secret destiny to bring into being a democratic, United Nations-based World State to unify humankind. The conflict between metaphysical and secular approaches can be healed within a new reconciling philosophy that unites both outlooks: Universalism, which is already making an impact in the US. The key to this reconciliation is focusing on the scientific view of the order in the universe, and on the experience of the common essence which resides in all religions (the belief in the “ordering Light”).

This reconciliation can re-unify each discipline and therefore world culture, and create world unity. Restoring the metaphysical vision of order in world culture can strengthen America’s harmonizing of humankind within a World State based on political Universalism.

A primary interest of Haggar’s is the “seven disciplines of world culture,” which he explores in depth in The Secret American Destiny. These are: mysticism, literature, philosophy, history, politics, religion, and culture. By harmonizing the secular and metaphysical aspect of each of these disciplines, world peace can be obtained.

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