The Out of Body Experience By Anthony Peake

9781780289489The History and Science of Astral Travel

By Anthony Peake
ISBN: 9781780289489
On-Sale: 9/13/2016
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Format: Trade Paperback

The ‘out of body experience’ is one of the greatest mysteries of psychology – is it simply a form of hallucination or evidence that consciousness can exist outside of the body?

This book opens with the author’s experience with the ‘Lucid Light Stimulator’ in Switzerland. This presents him with his first experience of ‘Astral Travel’. From this he takes the reader on a historical, theological and mystical journey through the history of the ‘out of body experience’ in all its varieties and forms. The second half of the book discusses the science behind the experience. It reviews some of the latest research in the fields of psychology, neurology and neuro-chemistry. It then attempts a short explanation of why quantum physics may be the unlikely source of answers to the mystery of the out-of-body experience. The final section presents the author’s new model of how exotic-sounding concepts such as Bose-Einstein Condensates, Einstein Rosen Bridges, Zero-Point Energy, microtubules and coherent light can be used to present a totally new explanation of how ‘Astral Travel’ really does involve a journey – into inner, not outer, space.


Anthony Peake is the author of two critically acclaimed books and has had various articles published in magazines, academic journals and websites across the English-speaking world. His books have received consistently excellent reviews and he is fast developing a reputation as one of the most exciting and creative of the new wave of writers within the field of Noetic Science.