The O Manuscript By Lars Muhl

The Scandinavian Bestseller

Format: Trade Paperback, 448 pages
On Sale Date: May 2018
Price US: $25.95/ CAN: $28.95
ISBN: 9781780286723
Watkins Publishing

In the opening scene of The O Manuscript, Lars Muhl is an aging, washed-up rock star who has been lying in bed for three years. Abandoned by doctors and living alone on an island, a friend gives Muhl the phone number of a ‘seer’ in Andalusia. After a single phone call, Muhl is back on his feet and a three-year apprenticeship to the seer ensues.

During their time together, the seer challenges Muhl to abandon his old life and initiates him into the mysteries of the Montsegur and the Cathars. When an old manuscript shows up in the mail, Muhl finds himself in possession of the secret history of Mariam Magdalene, Yeshua, and the Holy Grail. Muhl learns that he and the seer have crossed paths many times in past lives.

Part memoir, part novel, and part spiritual treatise, The O Manuscript will forever change the way you think about life.


Active in the music business from the 1960-90s, Muhl was front-man for the Danish rock band, Daisy, and the New Wave act, Warm Guns. His solo hit, ‘Europa,’ placed second in the Danish Eurovision Song Contest in 1995.

Today, Muhl and his wife, Githa Ben-David, operate the Gilalai Institute of Energy and Consciousness. The author lives in Denmark.