The Note from Heaven by Githa Ben-David

PrintGitha Ben-David presents a method for liberating the natural voice using regressive cell singing–one of the most direct ways to get in contact with the subconscious mind. This liberation has a healing effect on body and soul and can be experienced by every speaking person. With inspiration from India, Githa has put together a program for self-study, along with a practice instruction plan that can be downloaded. Utilising this method you will sing yourself free from traumas that have their origin in this life, the womb or previous lifetimes. In regressive cell singing, the “note from heaven” is used as a tuning fork to retune cells to their former harmony. Any notes, sounds or outbursts that genuinely express The Note from Heaven can release blocked energy imprisoned in the singer’s body as trauma. The process starts a cell-dance, which reorganizes the body back to its original balanced matrix. It has also proven effective in reducing the effects of tinnitus.

Githa Ben-David is a sound therapist, singer, composer and author. Githa is the author of the only comprehensive work on sound therapy in three volumes, published in Danish. She is married to musician and writer Lars Muhl, author of The O Manuscript and The Law of Light (also from Watkins), with whom she created The Gilalai Institute for Energy and Consciousness.

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PB 216 x 135mm
March 2016
Health & Wellbeing
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Githa Ben-David