The Hidden Secrets of Water

Discovering the Powers of the Magical Molecule of Life
By: Dr Paolo Consigli

ISBN: 9781786781109
Pub Date: 09/19/2017
Edition bind: eBook
Format: 6 x 9-1/5

What makes water, so simple in its make-up, such an integral part of life? Why has it been revered across the ages? What benefits flow from it that will shape our future? Our origin springs from water, it sustains us now, and it is the key to our future.

By going further than just describing its attributes and celebrating its physical properties, this book reveals the spiritual dimension of water. We learn about our own hypnotic attraction to water’s simplicity, purity and transparency; as well as its bizarre physical behaviour, structural vibrations and ordered flow; and its amazing medicinal, therapeutic and vital virtues. We can look at the whole spectrum of water’s influence, reconciling modern science and ancient wisdom, technology and humanism, logic and mysticism.

This innovative, intelligent and far-reaching exploration of water at every level will inspire and stimulate all.