The Gene Keys

Gene Keys New Cover

In The Gene Keys Richard Rudd defines the 64 themes or storylines that overshadow all of humanity. Each of these themes has three components or phases. The first phase is the shadow. Carl Jung wrote that, “Everyone caries a shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” The major difference between Rudd’s and Jung’s conception of the shadow is that for Jung the shadow is singular and undifferentiated. It is roughly synonymous with the “unconscious,” which contains everything in the mind that is not present to conscious awareness. Richard Rudd has shined a light into the unconscious, illuminating the topics that preoccupy us, even when we’re unaware of their effects.

What is so powerful about Rudd’s new system is the fact that it brings to light the specific ways that the unconscious blocks our growth and happiness. For Rudd, the unconscious is like a piano with 64 keys. Each key runs a familiar melody. For example, the third key plays “chaos” as its theme. The seventh key plays “division” and the 22nd key plays “dishonor.” According to Rudd, each of these shadow themes also has a gift and a “siddhi” associated with it. The three components of the theme are like three movements in a sonata: largo, andante, and allegro. The shadow is slow and melancholy; the gift gets you up off your feet; and the siddhi is a bright dance.

Where the Gene Keys become really strange is in the fact that Rudd has discovered a deep connection between the system and astrology. Rudd has set-up a website ( that will provide you with your personal Gene Keys—the ones that are running the program of your life. All you need is your birth date, time, and place. Rudd calls it the “hologenetic profile” and it contains the themes that embody your life’s work, your purpose, your relationships, and your path to self-actualization.

The good news is that our DNA is not a life sentence. With the Gene Keys, by becoming aware of the shadows present in our own lives, we can unlock the gifts that lie hidden within us. If chaos is one of your life’s themes, then you have the potential to unlock innovation. If division is a theme, then you have the power to unlock leadership and virtue. Rudd writes, “Human beings are an instrument of life.” All we need to do is learn the melody and move our feet and the dance will begin.

Head over the today to get your free Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile and find the hidden purpose buried in your DNA.

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