The Book of Chakras and Subtle Bodies by Stephen Sturgess

9781780286822The Book of Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Stephen Sturgess
ISBN: 9781780286822
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $19.95 US / $20.95 CAN
On-Sale Date: May 20th, 2014

Escape the humdrum of daily life and reawaken your true essential Self with Stephen Sturgess’ sensational Yoga and meditation techniques. Learn about fascinating subtle bodies, chakras, nadis, and kundalini with the in-depth section on Yoga philosophy, then follow Stephen’s variety of practices and techniques for removing any obstacles that may be standing in the way of you uniting with your true nature. The book includes a wealth of Hatha Yoga techniques using asanas, mudras, bandhas, pranayama, and kriya purification, as well as Raja and kriya Yoga techniques – mantras, concentration and meditation.


About the Author

Stephen Sturgess  is a London-based teacher of yoga and meditation in the Kriya tradition, and the author of Yoga Meditation and The Yoga Book, a recommended text of the British Wheel of Yoga. Since 1969, Stephen has studied and practised yoga and meditation in India and the UK under the expertise of well-known yoga gurus. In 1982 he became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, and was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Kriyananda (a direct disciple of Yogananda). In 2011 he was ordained as a Kriya minister by Roy Eugene-Davis to teach and initiate others into Kriya Yoga Meditation. Stephen is also an artist and writer.