The Aha! Factor by Mariana Cooper

1151_originalWhat if the answers to your prayers are closer than you think?

Do you keep asking, but feel your prayers are going unanswered or taking an extremely long time to come to fruition? Can you trust your gut feeling to guide you, when so far you’ve failed to manifest many of your goals?

When Mariana Cooper hit up against the frustrations and heartbreak of dashed dreams, loss of loved ones and the complications that real life brings, she set out on a quest to learn the language in which we actually receive the answers to our desires. What she discovered is the Energetic Communication System that delivers the answers to our prayers – she calls it the Aha! Factor.

Now it’s time for you to activate your own Aha! Factor – The little-known language of Answered Prayer

In this eye-opening book Mariana shares:
• How to access your Aha! Factor to receive and interpret the answers to your prayers and intentions
• What an Aha! Moment actually is and how to have more of them throughout your day to help you to make decisions that you can believe in.
• The list of 101 Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities that show when a message is coming to you and what it means.
• How to easily incorporate your Aha! Factor into all aspects of your life, including money, love and other relationships, body, work, handling toxic people and situations and bringing your biggest dreams and goals to fruition much more quickly than you could ever do with logic alone.

When you are fully aware of your Aha! Factor and how to use it, you can finally interpret the answers that are always being sent your way – and anything is possible!

Mariana Cooper is an internationally acclaimed intuitive life strategist and host of the Aha! Moments Radio Show and the Aha! Moments World Telesummits. She has an MBA and a Bachelors degree in psychology. Mariana is also a certified third-generation intuitive and channel who has helped thousands of clients through private mentorship and readings, dynamic workshops and a huge range of audio and video courses. For more information, visit her website:

The Aha! Factor
ISBN: 9781780288925
Format: Paperback
Prices: USD $14.95
Publication Date: January 19th, 2015
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