Radical Awakening by Amoda Maa

radical awakeningContemporary, unique and utterly compelling–read this book and be empowered to become part of a revolution in consciousness that has the power to change your life and our wider world. To fulfil our potential, we must see that everyone and everything is a manifestation of God (or Awakeness, Presence or Being)–that everyone and everything is one with the divine and at every moment we can make the choice of what we let ourselves feel. If we can learn to use this control in every area of our lives, we can change not just our own lives but also the world we live in.

Amoda Maa is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her life journey has taken her from the academic world of psychological research to the search for enlightenment. Today, she offers satsangs, retreats, and private meetings to a growing global community, and is a regular guest speaker at the Science and Nonduality conference in the USA.


PB 185 x 123mm
March 2016
Mind, Body, Spirit