Pause for Thought by BBC Radio 2


Pause for Thought
BBC Radio 2
ISBN: 9781780289809
Format: Trade Paperback
Price$ 19.95 US/ $22.95 CAN
On-Sale Date: 10/18/2016

Highly designed and vibrantly colorful, this collection of scripts from BBC Radio 2’s Pause for Thoughtshowcases the incredible insights that the different faiths in the UK today offer to people of all religions – and to those of none. Together, these pieces provide a guide to finding happiness and achieving psychological wellness, despite all the challenges we face. In both the selection of pieces and in the contemporary design, the emphasis is on pausing – on stopping readers in their tracks and offering new ways of perceiving and connecting with each other. The book features an exciting range of commentators with great public profile, such as comedians Shazia Mirza and Paul Kerensa and ex-Communard Richard Coles. Each of the book’s seven chapters has a theme, reinforcing the overall inspirational and positive message of the book: Live Boldly, Challenge Perceptions, Understand, Connect, Love, Be Thankful, Let Go. A superb gift as well as an inspiring self-purchase.

About the Author

Pause for Thought, BBC Radio 2’s highly popular faith slot, offers a modern perspective on all the UK’s religions. It is broadcast during the night at 00:45 and 02:45, as well as live at 05.45 on the Vanessa Feltz show and at 09.20 on Chris Evan’s show, which has a weekly audience of almost 10 million listeners.