Native American Wisdom By Alan Jacobs

A Spiritual Tradition at One With Nature

Category: History – Native American; Religion – Ethnic & Tribal; Body, Mind & Spirit – Gaia & Earth Energies
Format: Hardcover, 192 pages
On Sale Date: May 2018
Price US: $11.95/ CAN: $12.95
ISBN: 9781786781390

An anthology of inspirational writings from Native Americans.

Despite the diversity among Native American peoples, a cardinal belief is held in common by all – reverence for the land. This badly-needed message reminds us that we cannot separate our place on Earth from our lives on this planet. To Native Americans, everything is alive: not just the animal kingdom, but insects, trees, and shrubs, the invisible wind, dust and stones. The stories, mythis, poems, prayers, and songs contained in this moving anthology bring together the accumulated wisdom and sacred beliefs of the original settlers of this continent.


Alan Jacobs
has made a lifelong study of mysticism and is a regularly published author and poet. He is the editor of Poetry for the Spirit and Tales from Rumi and the beautiful poetic translations of The Upanisads also in this series.