More Coloring For Contemplation By Amber Hatch and Alex Ogg


More Coloring For Contemplation
By Amber Hatch and Alex Ogg
ISBN: 9781780289779
On-Sale: 8/16/2016
Prices: $9.95 US / $10.95 CAN
Format: Trade Paperback

The follow-on title to the hugely successful Coloring for Contemplation, More Coloring for Contemplation is divided into 4 sections; love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Each section contains beautiful, meaningful themed artwork alongside an accompanying quotation from some of the most inspirational thinkers around the world. More Coloring for Contemplation will take the reader on a journey through these empowering qualities allowing them quiet time to reflect time while also providing them with a vibrant record of their inner and outer coloring experience.


Amber Hatch is a childminder, teacher and writer. She has practised Buddhist meditation for six years both in daily practice and on retreat, and her latest book, “Colouring for Contemplation” (Watkins Publishing, due out Nov 2015), draws from this experience. “Colouring for Contemplation” is a collaboration with her illustrator husband Alex Ogg. Amber and Alex have created a unique colouring book which explores the themes of mindfulness, insight and inspiration. The book offers readers a chance to combine colouring with reflection and personal growth, and takes the reader on a journey of creativity and discovery.

Amber has two children and she uses mindfulness to inform her approach to parenting. She discovered baby-led potty training (BLPT) shortly after the birth of her first baby in 2008. Amazed by the success of the method, she set up to provide a UK source of information for families. She runs free monthly BLPT workshops in Oxford to support other parents and offers a consultation service. Her first book, “Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training from birth” (Vermilion 2015), is based on the wealth of knowledge she gained from working with hundreds of families.

Amber and her husband, Alex, live in Oxford with their two children.