I Love My Barbecue by Hilarie Walden

I Love My BBQ

I Love My Barbecue
Hilarie Walden
ISBN: 9781848993198
Format: Trade Paperback
On-Sale Date: 4/15/2016
Price: $19.95/$23.95

There is something about cooking food over fire that gives it a mouthwatering smoky taste and smell that just can’t be replicated in the kitchen. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to do more than just the usual steaks, burgers and sausages? I Love My Barbecue is the perfect resource for anyone looking to brush up on their grilling technique as well as expand their recipe repertoire. Focusing on fresh ingredients and ingenious ideas from a wide range of cuisines, there is a dish to suit everyone and every occasion. More than 100 delicious and diverse recipes include new takes on traditional dishes, such as Indonesian Pork Burgers and Chicken, Mango and Mint Kebabs, as well as the more exotic like Salmon with Spiced Tea Marinade. Vegetable and vegetarian dishes will wow even the most sceptical carnivore, and there are recipes for vegans as well, giving you options for most every dietary preference. With a comprehensive introduction covering equipment, fuels, siting and lighting, cooking techniques, temperatures and timings, you’ll find a new confidence when firing up the grill. I Love My Barbecue is the book to open up cooking possibilities you never knew existed.

About the Author

Hilaire Walden has a range of food and cooking experience spanning over 45 years. She has published more than 45 cookbooks and has written for many national newspapers, women’s lifestyle and cooking magazines. She also lectures and works as a consultant to food companies.