Healing Mandalas

Healing MandalasViewed as the wheel of life and the key to self-knowledge in ancient traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can bring about profound inner transformation. Tapping into the power of the mandala, this book focuses on the emotional and spiritual healing of the self. With 30 evocative mandalas, each accompanied by an inspiring meditation, “Healing Mandalas” will address key issues, ease anxieties and insecurities, bring about change, and help readers to regain personal balance. The exercises are accessible to the first-time meditator, but will also appeal to more experienced practitioners. Encouraging the reader to relax and experience a healing journey, this book begins by looking at the mysteries of the mind and the inner self, spreading out to encompass the healing of relationship, and finally guiding them to discover and harness their own inner strength during challenging times.

$9.95 US

Paperback – 9781780286006