Do It Yourself Numerology by Sonia Ducie

003946 DIY Numerology PBuk.inddBy Sonia Ducie
ISBN: 9781842931332
On-Sale: April 2016
Prices: $19.95 US / $20.95 CAN
Format: Trade Paperback

This hands-on introduction to the ancient science of numerology shows how your date of birth can reveal essential information about your work, your relationships, and your health—even the way you look! Unearth the significance of the Personality Numbers 1 to 31 (based on the day of the month you were born), which show the strengths, challenges, physical traits, and childhood influences associated with each number and how they influence your prospects for romance, career, and well-being. You can also use the book to calculate the numbers for family, friends and work colleagues to gain extraordinarily accurate insight into their personalities and propensities. This book also contains simple calculations for other numbers that have influence on your life— including Master, Collective, and Personal Year numbers, which will give you valuable tools for self-understanding, intuition and personal development.


Sonia Ducie is a teacher with the Connaissance School of Numerology, UK. She is the best-selling author of 11 Numerology books and also ‘The Self Help Reflexology Handbook’, translated into 14 languages. With a background in journalism and an early fascination for science and mathematics, Sonia was drawn to the intuitive, transformational and metaphysical aspects of Numerology. Sonia continues to be inspired, and inspire others to be themselves through Numerology.