2018 “Best of” Catalog
2018 Spring Catalog

2018 New Releases

The Anatomy of Loneliness
Boost your IQ
Brain Workout
The Cleansing Power of Yoga
A Course in Mastering Alchemy
Dancing with Cancer
The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle
Every Day Matters 2019 Desk Diary
Every Day Matters 2019 Pocket Diary
Everyday Kundalini
The Gate of Light
The Guardian Angel Oracle
How Life Works
How Soon is Now?
Illuminating Silence
Instant Chakra Healing
Instant Recall
Instant Relaxation
Instant Tai Chi
Instant Yoga
Living Forever Young
Mastering Numbers
The Mindful Mandala Coloring Book
Mind Map Mastery
Mowgli Street Food
Native American Wisdom
The Natural Health Bible for Women
Ninja Skills
The O Manuscript
The Old Stones
The Original I Ching
Pimp My Rice
Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression
The Premonition Code
Samurai Arms, Armour & the Tactics of Warfare
The Secret Language of the Renaissance
The Shadow that Seeks the Sun
Spiritual Science
Sufi Encounters
Think Smart, Act Smart
Through the Doors of Perception
The Wisdom of King Solomon
A Year of Forest School
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
You Can Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse
Your Vivid Life
2017 New Releases
100 Journeys for the Spirit
21 Life Changing Rituals
7 Questions to Find Your Purpose
The Authentic Tarot
Become the Force
The Calm Buddha at Bedtime
Chakra Wisdom Oracle: How to Read the Cards for Yourself and Others
Enlightenment is Your Nature
Every Day Matters Desk 2018 Diary
Every Day Matters Pocket 2018 Diary
Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust
The Grail
The Healing Power of Life Alignment
The Hidden Secrets of Water
His Holiness The Dalai Lama
How Soon is Now?
How to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room
How to Overcome Pain
How to Teach Meditation to Children
I Love My Barbecue
I Love My Bread Machine
I Love My Wok
Instant Presence
The Koran
The Magdalene
The Masonic Magician
Meet Your Matcha
Mindfulness for Parents
The Natural Menopause Plan
Organizing for Creative People
Prayers to See You Through Each Day
The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing
The Really Quite Good British Cookbook
Reinvent Me
The Shaman’s Oracle
The Secret Language of Astrology
Seven Steps into Angel Light
Sheriff Updown Turns the Bad Guys Good
Soul Story
The Secret Language of Astrology
The Soul Awakening Prayer
The Spirit of Zen
The Tao Te Ching
Too Good Too Waste
Twilight the Unicorn’s Sleeptime Quest
The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences
The Vegan Cookbook
The Voynich Manuscript
#WhatIs Mindfulness?
#WhatIs Post-traumatic Growth?
The Wisdom of Trees Oracle
Time Surfing
Too Good To Waste
Treasure Hunt
Warriors of Love
The Wisdom Seeker’s Tarot
You Were Not Born to Suffer

2016 New Releases
Coloring for Contemplation
Choose the Perfect Baby Name
Cracking the Symbol Code
Deep Awake
Do It Yourself Numerology
Every Breath You Take
Every Day Matters Desk Diary 2017
Every Day Matters Pocket Diary 2017
Fast Fuel: Food for Running Success
Fast Fuel: Food for Triathlon Success
Fish Can’t Climb Trees
Goal Mapping
Happiness and Other Small Things of Absolute Importance
Healing Berries
Healing Spices
Healthy Speedy Suppers
How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Toolkit
How to Pass Exams
I Am, You Are
I Love Soup
In the Mood for Quick Family Food
Jewelled Kitchen
John the Baptist and the Last Gnostic
Life Beyond Death
Lucid Living
Lulu the Lions Cub Learns to Roar
More Coloring for Contemplation
More Nightlights
Norris the Seahorse Takes on the Bullies
Opening The Doors of Perception
Overcoming Arthritis
Pause for Thought
Play the Forest School Way
Prayer for the Day Volume II
Radical Awakening
Reflexology for Fertility
Sacred Wisdom: Tao Te Ching
Slow Dough: Real Bread
The Aha! Factor
The Buddhist Mandala Pocket Coloring Book
The Cathar Tarot
The Celtic Mandala Pocket Coloring Book
The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle
The Gnostic Gospels
The Healing Mandala Pocket Coloring Book
The Illuminati
The Magical Year
The Mindfulness Key
The Note from Heaven
The Out of Body Experience
The Right Bite
The Secret American Destiny
The Secret Founding of America
The Seer
The Top Low-Carb Recipes
The Wilderness Survival Guide
The World In My Kitchen
Wake the F#ck Up
Wake Up and Soar
What is Hypnosis?
What is Near-Death Experience?
What is Numerology?
What is Sound Healing?
When the Shoe Fits
Yoga for You and Your Child
You Can Have An Amazing Memory

January – December 2015
A Man Who Saw The Future
Be Your Own Fairy Tale
Brew It Yourself
Carl Jung
Everyday Matters 2016
God’s Blueprint
I Met A Monk
The Law of Light
The Lost Teaching of Cathars
Mindfulness In Motion
Prayer for The Day
Power of Relaxation
Mindfulness In Motion by Tamara Russell
Sacred Sites Oracle Cards
Strictly Inspirational
Switch On
The Awakening
The Body Balance Diet Plan
The Buddha Pill
The Comprehensive Repertory for the New Homeopathic Remedies
The Conscious Activist
The Free mind Experience
The Gift of Alzheimer’s
The Mindful Mother
The Occult
The Positively Present Guide to Life

The Secret History of Gnostics
The Magical Year The Simplicity of Stillness Method
You Can Master Meditation
You Can Sleep Well
You Can Understand Your Dreams<
9 Secrets of Successful Meditation
The 12-Type Ennegram

July – December 2014
Breaking Down is Waking Up
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit
The Conscious Activist
How to Find Your Spirit Animal
The Hunger Type Diet
The Law of Light
The Phoenix Generation
Prayer for the Day (BBC-4)
The Secret of Secrets by Osho
Strictly Inspirational

January-June 2014
Aleister Crowley by Tobias Churton
Beat Depression Fast by Alexandra Massey
The C-List by Rachel Bown
The Chakra Wisdom Oracle
Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body by Anna Parkinson
Dawn of Genius by Alan Butler
Gateway to the Heavens by Karen L. French
The Doors of Joy by Daniel Odier
Laugh Your Way to Happiness by Lesley Lyle
Live Longer, Live Younger by Dr. Rajendra Sharma
Pilgrimage to Iona by Claire Nahmad
The Serotonin Revolution by Lowri Turner
The Smart Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want by Mary Hartley
The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences by Penny Sartori
You Are What You Imagine by Dina Glouberman
You Can Think Differently by Caterina Rando

July-December 2013
1000 Dreams by David Fontana
Angel Origami by Nick Robinson
The Book of Ninja by Antony Cummins
Buddhist Mandalas by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
Canton Elegy by Stephen Lee and Howard Webster
Celtic Mandalas by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
Crystal Wisdom Oracle by Judy Hall
The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle by Virginia Lee and Caitlin Matthews
The Infinite Mindfield by Anthony Peake
Healing Mandalas by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
The Mystery Experience by Tim Freke
The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl
Pomegranates & Pine Nuts by Bethany Kehdy
The Power of Acceptance by Annemarie Postma
The Secret Language of Sacred Spaces by Jon Cannon
The Secret Life of Uri Geller by Jonathan Margolis
Unearthing Venus by Cate Montana

January-June 2013
The Art of Living and Dying by Osho
Conspiracies by Andy Thomas
Fiori di Zucca by Valentina Harris
The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd
Kundalini Meditation by Kathryn McCuster
The Last Pope by Rob Howells
Rosslyn Chapel Decoded by Alan Butler and John Ritchie
Shaman’s Spirit by Mike Williams
Your Soul Contract Decoded by Nicolas Ngan

July-December 2012
New Revolutions for a Small Planet by Kingsley L. Dennis
The Power of Peace Within You by Marlise Karlin

The Enlightenment of Work by Steve Nobel