Boost your Immunity with Turquoise

Gem therapists, Simon and Sue Lily, offer 45 crystal healing remedies in their beautifully illustrated book, The Practical Guide to Crystal Healing. ($15.95, 978-1-78678-096-6) With cold and flu season upon us, here’s a quick lesson on enhancing immunity with Turquoise.

For correct nutritional and immune function, we rely on the body’s ability to distinguish between useful and harmful substances. If the identification processes of the digestive or immune system are flawed, problems arise: either toxic substances build up in the body, or necessary nutrients cannot be identified and absorbed. Malnourishment can also occur when the food we consume is inherently unbalanced: modern farming methods deplete soil nutrients, and the levels of vitamins in most farmed food are much lower than 30 or 40 years ago. The ability of the body to repair itself and withstand infection depends upon its access to a store of nutrients to replace those used in everyday maintenance; if these are inadequate, our immune system weakens. The Chiron Net uses the colour yellow, which encourages the identification and assimilation processes of the body, together with turquoise, which protects and aids healing.

The Chiron Net

Chiron is a small planetoid that has an eccentric orbit, crossing the paths of both Saturn and Uranus. It is named after the centaur Chiron, the great healer and teacher of Greek heroes including Achilles. Chiron has become associated astrologically with healing and self-integration, particularly of deep levels of hurt. This net can help to clear away blockages left over from the past. It will strengthen personal life-force, supporting your fight against harmful external influences.

1. Select six turquoise stones and spread out a yellow cloth on the fl oor. Arrange the crystals so that when you lie down, one will be below and between your feet, one on each side of the thighs, close to the hands, one either side of the shoulders, and one above the head. Lie down in the net and settle yourself.

2. Remain in the net for 6–10 minutes. Remove the stones, and take your time to return to normal activity. Repeat daily, if you wish.

—Simon & Sue Lilly, ©2010, 2017

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