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9781780289779More Coloring for Contemplation
ISBN: 9781780289779
$9.95 TP / 96 pages

Pick up your pens and pencils and begin your journey … This beautiful colouring book has been created to help you to be mindful – to slow down and breathe and to give you the inspiration to live more fully in the present. Each illustration has been inspired by an accompanying quote to aid your contemplation of its message while you colour. Divided into three parts, Mindfulness, Insight and Inspiration, this is a colouring journey. Each of the three parts contains quotes and simple, inspirational designs and ends with a meditation and a section with questions aimed at helping you reflect both on your handiwork and your inner journey. Dip in or work from beginning to end. Colouring for Contemplation is your calming companion.


Coloring for Contemplation
ISBN: 9781780289250
$9.95 TP / 96 pages


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Viewed as the key to self-knowledge and inner peace in Eastern traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can bring about profound transformation. Featuring imagery from a range of spiritual and religious traditions, as well as from the natural world, this wonderful book offers a superb collection of black and white mandala artworks for you to colour in, plus guided meditations for every image, and a further section of basic line templates for you to create your own mandala designs.


ISBN: 9781780289199
$17.95 / 216 pages
On-sale: 9-15-2015


Celtic Madalas

Healing Mandalas