The Premonition Code

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Precognition is the scientific name for the knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means. Often called ‘premonition’, precognition is the most frequently reported of all extrasensory perception (ESP) experiences, occurring most often in dreams. It may also occur spontaneously in waking visions, auditory hallucinations, flashing thoughts entering the mind, the sense of “knowing” and physiological changes.    Combining science and practice, Theresa and Dr Julia unravel the mystery of precognition. The book will cover:

  • What precognition is and the different types, clearly explaining the cutting-edge science, including what is known and what is still a mystery
  • The most common premonitions that people experience and why, including examples from around the world
  • Experimental tools to help you cultivate precognition experiences to help get useful information for your life
  • Case studies included throughout, with supporting scientific evidence offered alongside to provide validation and explanation
  • Personal experiences of the authors, detailing how premonition has shaped their lives and interviews with leading scientists and experts in the field

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