Success is Not a Fluke

Success is not a fluke. It has clear rules that can be learned. Alon Ulman, Ironman, bestselling author and renowned practical success speaker, shares how to gain immediate control of your life, and make any dream a reality.


Success is not a fluke. It can be achieved in any endeavour in just six essential steps. With these steps, anyone can consciously elevate their life beyond their wildest expectations.

Alon Ulman knows how unexpected life can be. In a plane above the Mediterranean Sea, Alon suddenly found he couldn’t breathe. After landing he was rushed to hospital where his survival from a spontaneous collapsed lung was deemed a medical miracle. A few years later Alon would complete the famously gruelling Ironman. From the moment he crossed the finish line, he realized his life’s purpose: dedicating himself to exploring the DNA of practical success and making it accessible to people everywhere.

Everybody wants success and fulfilment, but even people who work hard miss out, and when they do succeed, they often chalk it up to luck. But success isn’t a fluke. It has rules that can be learned and harnessed with unbelievable ease, speed and power.

In his vivid style, Alon tells his own story of transformation and the lessons he learnt along the way. He shows how you can instill practices to harness genuine passion every day, including journalling prompts, practical models for happiness, ways to exercise your courage, and guidance to create a bespoke action plan.

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