Stay or Leave: Six Steps to Resolving Your Relationship Indecision

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This practical guide from relationship therapist Beverley Stone will help anyone feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in their relationship to resolve their indecision and live their most authentic life.


You’re stuck in an unhappy relationship. You’re not sure you want to stay, but you can’t make up your mind to go. You’re stagnating… but feel powerless to do anything about it. Help is at hand!

Successful relationship psychologist Beverley Stone will get your life back on track. She uncovers the roots of your confusion and helps you make the big decision: to stay and make a go of it in a radically improved relationship … or leave, confident and happy. Step by step, she helps you make your decision and put your choice into action. She explains the life-sapping harm caused by failing to be decisive and helps you work through your fears and anxieties in order to make the best choice for yourself.

In six key life-changing steps, she offers everyone the chance to bring about positive change:

  • Becoming authentic
  • Accepting anxiety as a positive experience
  • Deciding to make your life a meaningful one
  • Taking responsibility
  • Being aware that you have a choice
  • Living by your own values and standards

Stay or Leave goes further than other self-help books by helping you to discover why your previous attempts have failed, and covers all the possible options for your relationship – mending it, maintaining it … and, in the last resort, leaving it. Whether you are on the verge of leaving your partner, find yourself getting increasingly unhappy or simply questioning if you are in the right relationship, this book will help you make one of the most difficult decisions of your life – staying in or leaving a relationship that just doesn’t feel right.

Stay or Leave is an essential guide for everyone feeling unhappy and unfulfilled but unable to move forward.

Praise for Stay or Leave:

“The ideal book for anyone looking for the courage to make a change … practical, sensitive and helpful strategies.” – Dawn French

“Highly recommended.” – Deepak Chopra

“I’ve known people trapped in deeply unhappy relationships for years, because of no apparent way out. Indecision only adds to the misery. Beverley Stone’s serious guide to honest, clear ways to change, offers men and women the release to be themselves and is inspiring in its lessons.” – Anna Ford, journalist and broadcaster



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