Poems to Make the Soul Sing: A Collection of Mystical Poetry through the Ages

SKU: 9781786783349

A beautifully designed collection of mystical poems to soothe, inspire and rejuvenate the soul. With a body of work spanning the centuries, from the Vedas to St Teresa of Avila, Rumi and Rilke, and arranged by transcendent themes, this book will connect readers with nature, with the stillness within themselves and with the Divine.


When your soul hungers for peace, knowledge or comfort, there is no answer as profound as poetry. In a world that is increasingly noisy and disconnected from the Divine, this wonderfully inspiring collection of poems for the soul from mystics of all traditions encourages readers to listen to their own hearts, marvel at the wonder of nature and explore profound truths of life, death, eternity and God. With its elegant design and comprehensive selection of poets, the volume is ideal for gifting. Themed chapters allow readers to choose topics to explore, including:

DIVINITY – what is the nature of God or the One?
TRANSCENDENCE – what deep truths can we find in our spiritual quest?
LOVE – how can we give and cherish most profoundly?
DEVOTION – how should we explore and affirm our faith?
PEACE – how can we find stillness amidst turmoil and loss?
NATURE – what lessons can we learn from creation?
SPIRIT – what is sacred about the individual self?

From the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Song of Solomon to the Divine Comedy and the Rubaiyat of Mar Khayyam, readers will find all the great mystical writers, including Attar, Ansari, St Francis of Assisi, Lao Tzu, John Donne, John Bunyan, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti and Walt Whitman, as well as many fine but lesser-known spiritual writers. A book to give as a thoughtful gift, and also one to treasure.

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